Mar 16

How we got started.

In our humble beginning we got into property management because of a family member had purchased property and needed someone to manage it for him. Tony O’Neil worked in real estate and got his broker’s license which is required to management property in Indiana. He and his wife Monica officially opened for business in May 1990. We gradually picked up more and more properties from people who want to have investment properties but do not want to handle the maintenance, leasing and other duties that come with rental properties.

Property management is not an easy job as we soon found out. Most of the time we feel we can’t get away from it; working evenings, weekends and being on call 24/7. We have always strived to provide great customer service to our residents while serving to the owners who expect a level of return on their investment. It is a balancing act.

Even when you have grown to having a full maintenance crew and an office staff, time and organization seems to be in short supply. We currently manage about 440 apartments and houses in the greater Lafayette and about 25 office suites. We have a variety of places people call home.

What we have learned over the years is you have to have a genuine attitude of wanting to help people in this business. Each day brings new situations and new people.

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